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Orientation Instructions

The Cabrillo Orientation takes, on average, between 45 to 60 minutes if you do it all at once. However, you can take as long as you wish to do it. That's a wonderful benefit of doing this orientation, online!

What is the Cabrillo Orientation?
This orientation is a combination of audio, video, photographs, computer graphics, animation and text. We recommend that you use headphones when you're in a room with other people so you don't disturb them. Headphones also help you focus and not get distracted by what's going on around you. However, they are not necessary.

The objective of the orientation is to provide you with information that you need to be successful in your college education. We've tried to make this presentation of information as entertaining as we can by presenting the information in different ways. 

There are eight (8) sections in the orientation. Each section has a brief 1-2 minute video. When the video concludes, you will be prompted to either "Take A Quiz" or to go to the "Next" section by clicking on a button. Not every section has a quiz.

While this orientation is designed so that you can quit whenever you wish and then and pick up where you left off, the system will only remember you for 60 days after you start. After 60 days have passed, you will have to start the orientation over from the beginning.

Additional Benefits of Orientation
In addition to helping you be more successful in your college education, completing orientation will get you an earlier spot in the registration queue--very important if you want to take classes that usually fill up fast.

To start:
You must first register with the orientation program. If you are a new user, or it has been more than 60 days since you registered with the orientation program, click the "New Users" button. You must provide all the information on this screen. This information is how the orientation program will uniquely identify you and track your orientation progress.

You can choose "Quit and Save" at any point during the orientation, after you have registered with the orientation program. If you have quit at a previous time, you select "User Login".

If you want to go through the orientation and don't need to record that you've done it, click "Guests". You can go through the orientation and you will not have to take any quizzes. This is an option if you want a quick refresher or for parents and advisors who want to help their students, as well as other individuals who are curious about Cabrillo and college.

How does it work? What does it look like?
When you begin the orientation, you will notice there are three panels:  A left panel, a center panel and a right panel.

In the center panel, the students in the video will share with you what you need to learn. There is a transcript that appears below the video that shows you what the students are saying in the video.

To the right of the center panel is an area where text will appear that emphasizes the key points the students are making in the video. Illustrations, photographs and animation may also appear in this area to also reinforce the key points. 

At the bottom of the right panel, you will see a box labeled "You Are Here" and the numbers 1 through 8. When you are in a particular section, its number will be highlighted.

If you decide you wish to repeat a section, you can go back to it by clicking the section number. However, once you go back, you must repeat every section moving forward – you cannot skip ahead.

Below the "You Are Here" box is a button labeled "Quit and Save". You may quit the orientation and save where you are, at any time. You can also log back in and continue the orientation at a later time.

To the left of the center panel, you will see a series of links that you can select at any time if you wish to pursue a particular topic of interest in greater depth. Animation may occur at various times to specifically point out links that are particularly important. When clicked, each link will open up a new window to a page in the Cabrillo College website where this in-depth information is maintained. If you are using your own computer, we highly recommend that you bookmark specific links of interest to you so you can return to them at any time. (Every browser has the "Add a Bookmark" feature.)

At the very top of the page are links that appear on every single page of the orientation where the video appears. These are links you may also want to visit and are so important to students that we've kept them visible for you.

When the video concludes, you can: 

Each quiz opens in a new window. It is one multiple-choice question. You cannot advance to the next section until you answer the quiz correctly. 

A buzzer will sound if you get the answer wrong and a message will appear that says "Wrong Answer! Please review the material and try again". When you click on the button that says "Go back", you will be returned to the start of the video in that section. 

A bell will ring if you get the answer correctly. A message will appear saying "Correct! Now proceed to the next section." An arrow will point to a button that says "Continue". Click the button and you will be taken automatically to the next section.

The very last "quiz" is not actually a quiz, but a question about your experience with the orientation.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This system will not record that you have completed your orientation until you answer this last "quiz".

Video Controls
While the video is playing, you can choose to:

The controls for these functions are right beneath the video. The buttons function the way any DVD or VHS player operates.

Note:  While you may pause the video, any animation that happens on the right panel or the left panel may continue to move ahead. Also, if you rewind the video using the slider control, it will take several seconds for the animation in the left and right panels to catch up.

Completing Orientation
You will know you have completed orientation when you see the screen that says "Certificate Instructions" and the phrase "Congratulations!"

Printing Your Certificate
When you complete the orientation, you have the option to print your certificate of completion. We recommend you print a copy and save it with your college records.

If you don't have access to a printer from the computer you are using to take the orientation, you can print the certificate later, from another computer that has a printer and is hooked to the Internet. Choose Quit and Save. Then, when you are at the computer with the printer, log back in. At the bottom of the screen will be a button labeled "Print My Certificate". You have 60 days from the day you started the orientation, to complete your orientation and to print your certificate.

REMEMBER:  60 days from the day you start the orientation. That's how long you have to: complete orientation and print your certificate, IF you don't want to start from the beginning and re-take the orientation.

Questions and Feedback
If you have any questions regarding the content of the orientation or have feedback that you would like to give us to help us improve the orientation, please send an email to . We always delighted to hear from our students.

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