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Can a new student register online (WebAdvisor)? 

Yes. All students receive a registration clearance date/time. You can then register anytime on or after that date/time online (WebAdvisor).  To register using WebAdvisor, go to www.cabrillo.edu and click on Apply and Register. If you have submitted your application, taken the assessment test (because it was necessary) and completed orientation, you are considered a “matriculated student” and receive an earlier registration time. Once you become a continuing student, you should always take advantage of early registration.

Why won’t WebAdvisor let me register?

Common reasons for a student being blocked from registering for a class are:

Talk to the A&R Office for any questions regarding registration problems.

When I register and pay my fees, what are the payment options?

On WebAdvisor you pay by credit card. In person, you drop-off a check or money order at the College Bank or in the “drop box” outside the entrance to the 100 Bldg. in Aptos and the Watsonville Center. Or, mail a check or money order to: Cabrillo College, attention: College Bank, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. Make sure to list your student identification or social security number on your check or money order so payment is properly credited. Do not put cash in the “drop box” or in the mail.

How do I add a class?

To add a class after the early registration deadline has passed, attend the first day of class and get an “add slip” from the instructor. Giving out add slips is at the discretion of the instructor. If you are able to get an add slip, bring it to any A&R office to formally register and pay for the class. If you do not complete the process, you are not enrolled.

How do I drop a course or withdraw from all courses?

Go online to WebAdvisor. For a refund, be sure to drop full-term courses by the end of the first week of the semester. Short-term course sections have individual drop deadlines that are much shorter. Please refer to the college calendar for other drop deadlines.

What happens if I do not formally withdraw from courses?

It is your responsibility to formally withdraw from courses. Instructors will not do it for you. You may receive an F on your transcript even if you stopped attending. There will be a hold on your records and you won't be able to register for classes. For more info, please contact Admissions and Records.

What do I do when I’ve missed a deadline?

A Late Add Petition is required when the deadline to register for a class is missed. These slips are obtained from the instructor.

What does “Arr” mean when listed under days and times of the class meeting?

“Arr” or “arranged” refers to additional times you must meet outside of the regularly scheduled classroom time. Your instructor will inform you of the time and place and the specific time commitments.

If a class ends at 10:00 am and another begins at 10:00 am, can I take both classes?

Yes. Each class is built with a 10 minute passing time. A class that is listed in the schedule as ending at 10:00AM really ends at 9:50 to allow students to get from one class to another. Soon the Schedule of Classes will show the actual ending time.

What does “Recommended Preparation” mean?

It is recommended that students have a particular skill level, usually in English, reading or math, in order to understand the college level material, but it is not required. If it were required, it would be noted as a “prerequisite.”

How do I get my transcript sent to another school?

A Transcript Request Form can be obtained online at http://www.cabrillo.edu/services/ar/forms.html
or in the forms rack in Admissions & Records. The first two transcript copies are free. After that, the cost is $3.00 per copy. Processing time is 5-10 working days. If you need your transcripts sooner than this, they can be sent sooner for an additional “rush fee.”

What is lower division coursework?

This refers to courses taken in the first and second years (freshman/sophomore) of college. Community colleges offer lower- division courses.


How can I tell if a course is transferable?

At Cabrillo, any course with a number between 1 and 99 (for example History 17A) is transferable to colleges in the California State University system. To confirm University of California transferability, consult the Schedule of Classes, the college catalog, or www.assist.org. In the Cabrillo College Catalog and Schedule of Classes, information about transferability is included in the course description.

When should I apply to a four-year college or university?

University of California System
Fall quarter/semester, apply the previous November (Nov 1 - 30)
Winter quarter, apply the previous July (July 1 - 31).

California State University System
Fall semester/quarter, apply the previous Oct. or Nov. (Oct 1- Nov 30). Spring semester/quarter, apply the previous August (Aug 1 - 31). Winter quarter, apply previous June (June 1-30).

Applications are submitted on-line.
UC: www.universityofcalifornia.edu/apply
CSU: www.csumentor.edu 


What is a unit?

A college unit of credit usually represents one hour per week in class, plus 2 hours per week of preparation for that class. For example, a three-unit course meets three hours per week and requires six hours of homework each week. Some classes, i.e., studio art, laboratory science, technical courses require more in-class time as they have lecture and lab components.  

What is the maximum number of units I can take?

You can enroll in a maximum of 18.5 units per semester. If you wish to take more than 18.5 units, you will need permission from a counselor and meet acceptable academic standards.

What is pass/no pass (P/NP) grade option?

Some classes can be taken via the pass/no pass grade option (P/NP) rather that the letter grade option (A, B, C, D, F). Grades of P/NP are not factored into your grade point average (GPA), while letter grades are factored into your GPA. With the P/NP grade option, you receive a P if you earn the equivalent of an A, B, or C in the class and you receive an NP if you earn the equivalent of a D or F in the class.

The deadline to notify the instructor if you prefer the P/NP grade option is on the semester calendar in the Schedule of Classes. This grading option is not intended for courses required by your major. Transfer students should meet with a counselor prior to taking math or English composition courses via the P/NP grading option. Generally, math and English composition courses should be taken for letter grade.

For A.A./A.S. degrees, up to 12 semester units may be pass - P grades instead of letter grades.

What is a “W” grade?

The “W” grade stands for withdraw. If you withdraw (or drop) from a full-term course within the first two weeks of the semester, there is no indication you enrolled in that course on your transcript. If you withdraw after the second week of classes, you will receive a grade of “W.” The drop deadline is the end of the 12th week of classes. The Schedule of Classes lists all drop deadlines for each term. A “W” is a non-punitive academic grade but it may affect your financial aid status because of the number of withdrawals. If more than 50% of your cumulative units attempted have resulted in grade of W or NP, progress probation is in effect. If you have three consecutive semesters of progress probation, progress dismissal is in effect. You should talk with a counselor when planning your class schedule, as enrolling in too many classes and then dropping them may indicate a need for more realistic planning and consideration of other factors and time commitments in his/her life.

If I get a “D” or an “F” in a course, can I take the course again to improve the grade?

Yes. If you received the “D” or “F” at Cabrillo, you may repeat the course at Cabrillo. Your transcript will be annotated showing the original grade and the replacement grade. The grade points from your previous “D” or “F” will be removed from the grade point average calculation and the new points will be recalculated. The transcript will continue to show all the times you enrolled in the course.

What can I do if I disagree with a grade I received?

You should discuss it with the instructor. All faculty have office hours posted. If you still have a concern after speaking with your instructor, you may discuss it with the appropriate division dean.

Can I receive credit for a course by taking an examination?

Yes, “credit by exam” is available as outlined in Cabrillo’s catalog. You must have completed 12 units at Cabrillo and be in good academic standing. A course list for credit by exam is available in the Office of the Vice President of Instruction and a completed Credit by Examination Request Form (available in Admissions & Records) is required. The fee for credit by exam units is the same as for a regularly scheduled class. If you pass the exam, you receive units and a grade on your transcript.

How do I convert semester units to quarter units and vice-versa?

To convert semester units to quarter units, multiply by 1.5. For example, 30 semester units x 1.5= 45 quarter units. To convert quarter units to semester units, multiply by .6667; thus, 45 quarter units x .6667 = 30 semester units.

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